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Screen shots

Classic interface - Click thumbnail to see screen shot
Windows Mac  
Classic.gif Classic.gif  
Wizard interface - Click thumbnails to see screen shots
Windows Mac  
WizImport.gif WizImport.gif Step 1 - Import your images
Step 2 - Choose stitching method
WizCamera.gif WizCamera.gif Step 3 - Describe your camera
Step 4 - Control image quality
WizKind.gif WizKind.gif Step 5 - Select panorama type
  WizStitch.gif WizStitch.gif Step 6 - Place stitching points
  WizPreview.gif WizPreview.gif Step 7 - Preview at low resolution
WizFinish.gif WizFinish.gif Step 8 - Create your panorama
WizSave.gif WizSave.gif Step 9 - Save & print your panorama
WizLearn.gif WizLearn.gif Learn more about...

Revised: September 06, 2007

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