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Customer service

Need to recover a lost registration key?

Registered users receive free support. We try to help all users, but please consider that registered users are entitled to more extensive support because they have paid for the software. Remember that this is shareware and we do not have a separate support staff.

We do not offer telephone support in order to keep costs down and allow us to concentrate on improving the product while keeping the price low. We try to respond promptly to emailed questions.

If possible, please use English when making a support request.

Before submitting a question, trouble report or request for individual support, please check the online FAQ, trouble reports and tips:

If you have a question that you think is of general interest, please submit it to the FAQ:

If you  think you have encountered a bug, please submit a trouble report:

If all else fails, individual support is available via email.  If you are a registered user, please include your registration key in the message.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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