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What people are saying about The Panorama Factory

"First let me tell you how much I like your program. I'm doing hundreds of virtual tours a year, have tried and worked with some of your competitive programs for a few years and after running into your program a while ago, I'm impressed with yours. I used to spend a lot of time in Photoshop (to fix stitching errors) and Zoner Photo Studio (for barrel distortion correction) with [another stitching program], even with perfect raw images. Now, none at all, just some time occasionally for exposure correction for difficult lighting situations. - Love the program!  ...  Thanks again, and I'll keep an eye on future versions, even though I'm not sure what's to improve."  D.E.

"Pretty amazing software!"  D.W.

"Recently I had a major assignment to photograph an historic building location adjacent to the Napa River. My assignment included taking the photographs 85 feet above ground level. It was a very windy day and I had to use various lenses to accommodate 11-different panoramic compositions to meet my client's needs.

After all was said and done I must say your program created superior panoramas the first go around. No fuss, no muss and no adjustments required for shooting day conditions. It stitched every shot, including perfect alignment of the ripples and wakes in the river. I originally thought that I might need a more expensive stitching program, but not the case. Your software worked flawlessly and perfectly. I saved some bucks and got superior results."  J.H.

"just found and bought the panorama factory. just thought i'd let you know that i'm impressed, very impressed with it. there were other programs that i had downloaded and tried, yet none really had all that i wanted (the big clincher for me was the ability to output to QT as well as PTviewer and others), as well as the nice small file sized PF ended up with."  I.

"Thanks a lot for the quick answer and resolution of my problem!  For sure you have one of the best customer post-sales service and support on the market!"  M.M.

"thank you very much for the speedy, trouble-free online update (on a Sunday!). I've been a loyal Panorama Factory user since version 3.0, but 4.1 blew my mind! The capabilities in terms of image quality as well as user friendliness have been dramatically improved once more. And that's quite an achievement as 3.4 was already very good. Congratulations! That's the best 30$ I've spent on a piece of software in the past years. Thank you so much!!"  C.Z.

"I started using your program last year for my real estate photo business. The old program was good but somehow you got it BETTER. I just tested the 4.1 with 4 images that were, I must admit all over the place from a hand held job. In no time at all it made me a genius. Thanks for the continued upgrades and development of a fine product."  L.C.

"When I was Death Valley a couple of years ago I tried to take a panorama of Ubehebe Creater - 6 separate pictures - hand held - I did a lousy job of keeping the camera level and so on, it was very cold with a strong breeze. But the individual pictures came out beautifully, lots of color. I tried and tried with the old version of Panorama Factory to stitch the pictures together - but the result was not good, and I tried all the manual stuff to line up points.

With the new version of Panorama Factory, I did the semi-automatic setup, and used about a dozen points for each pair of pictures. Took me about an hour, I was very careful with lining things up.

The result was WONDERFUL!

You have really done it with this release! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I don't know of any other program that can do this. Your marketing material would not lead one to think that you had a breakthrough - but you did!"  T.A.

"All software should be as good and as easy to use as the Panarama Factory.  This image was my first attempt. After i saw how easy your program made it to create panaramics i immediately purchased it.   Thanks for a great program at an incredible price."  V.P.

"I am VERY impressed with the user interface design.   The wizard is very clean and modern"  B.S.

"It is not often that I write to another software author to congratulate him on his work, but your Panorama Factory software is fantastic.  I'm really impressed.  I've been using digital cameras for about three years now, and have tried a number of different stitching programs.  The images that I'm able to produce by using your software are by far the best."  M.L.

"John, as an avid amateur photographer (digital) I want to thank you for developing a super software program (V1.6).   All the commands, options and adjustments work great!. I am excited now as I have a choice of doing the stitching auto or manual."  R.C.

"Very simple to use, exposure compensation was spot on. Blending was smooth and acurate. Minor ghosting on treeline photos. Dealt with water ripple on the lake over an 11 shot stitch pan perfectly. Great program ...."  R.

"I just recently downloaded your software and I have only tried it once.  My initial impression was that the software was very good.  I definitely combined the three photos of my living room (wanted to try your software and need some quick samples), into a great panoramic view.  I couldn't tell even where the stitching occured under magnification (great job)."  G.J.

"I've tried at least four other panorama packages with various amounts of luck.  Then I tried yours and find it to be all that I've envisioned a panorama package should be.  I too, will be going back to past pictures, and retry with your software."  R.L.

"this program is great. it has saved me a lot of time so far and i've only used it twice! i used to do manual stitching and warping, but not anymore."  C.W.

"I have fiddled with panoramas for a long time but never got anything good. I found your program. All I can say is that it is fantastic. Too bad my webcamera (don't have a scanner right now) has such a narrow vertical field of view.  Still, I am happy with the 360 of my room that I made.  Keep up the fantastic work!"  A.B.

"You have done a real good job putting together a complicated task and I am grateful.  I have begun to see things differently with my Kodak DC-265; I see things in terms of what an image would be like as a panorama.  I didn't do that before."   M.F

"Panorama Factory is a great program. I tried a panorama at my mother & fathers house that completely failed with [another stitching program]. The autostitch algorithm could not handle their patterned sofa at all I guess. The whole image was ghosts from pictures 2 and 3 away. I kept on trying, but no luck. I then tried your Panorama Factory, and voila, excellent panorama on the first try. I did a little fine tuning, and it was perfect. I should have tried Panorama Factory first I guess."   W.J.

"I've been 'playing' with version 1.6 of The Panorama Factory on and off for the past few weeks, and I feel that I must drop you a note to congratulate you on creating an excellent program!  I have a set of test images that I've been feeding through demo versions of various stitching programs ... and I've gotten the best results by far by using The Panorama Factory.  None of the other programs I've tried have come close to being able to warp and align the images correctly, and The Panorama Factory has been able to do reasonable to good jobs with a minimal amount of "tweaking" required.  The step-by-step instructions provided in the documentation also made the learning curve very easy." T.L. 12/27/1999

"My first comment is 'I love it!'. Finally a stitcher with a decent interface."  L.K.

"Thank you for making this excellent program available to us! I have already given the URL to a number of fellow amateur photography enthusiasts. The ease of use of this program is astounding!"  A.C.

"AWESOME!  I took three pictures taken form a Kodak DC280 camera and stitched them together, printed on a HP Photo Printer and took to work today.  The pictures were of the construction site of a new building that will house the Pathology Department at UVa.  Everyone was impressed.  You got a lot of good press at the University of Virginia today!"  E.L.

"Absolutely no problems with the install and no more that an hour later I was printing my first panorama.  The results were just great!"  R.W.

"I tried my first panorama last night. VERY impressed. I am
extremely pleased."

"I already stitched together 5 photos into one.  This only took a few seconds with your program and I had unsuccessfully tried doing it manually for hours and never could get it right.   You really have a neat program here.  I look forward to making more panoramic shots when I get a new digital camera."  A.

 1999-2007 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait

Revised: October 04, 2007

 1999-2007 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait