Chapter 4                                Using the Classic interface, step by step

For your first panorama, we suggest you use the Stitching Wizard (see Chapter 3, “Using the Stitching Wizard to make a panorama”).  Later you may want to try the Classic interface.

Once you become familiar with The Panorama Factory’s Classic interface you will develop your own routines for making panoramas.  For your first panorama, however, we suggest you follow this step-by-step guide.

This section is sufficient if you are working from images made with a digital camera.  If you are working from scanned photos you should also read Chapter 5, “Extra steps when working from scanned photos.”


Classic step 1 – Import the images
Classic step 2 – Stitch the images into a panorama
Classic step 3 – Correct problems with the stitched image
Classic step 4 – Crop the stitched image
Classic step 5 – Resize the cropped image
Classic step 6 – Sharpen the resized image
Classic step 7 – Print your image
Modifying your stitching project

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