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Batch processing

NOTE: The batch processing feature of The Panorama Factory is a separate product from the interactive application.  The batch processing feature may be purchased in a bundle with the interactive application.

The batch processing capability of The Panorama Factory is based on The Panorama Factory project file organization.

A Panorama Factory stitching project is actually a collection of files -- a main project file and a set of image files. The main project file describes the steps that must be taken in order to convert the imported images into a set of output images.  The output images usually include a completed panorama but may include other images such as thumbnails computed from the panorama.

To put it another way, the main project file is a recipe for creating a panoramic image (and other, related output images) from a set of imported images.  The project file doesn’t actually contain any image data. The image data are stored in separate files.

This project file organization makes The Panorama Factory uniquely suited to providing a powerful batch processing capability.  If an existing project file is combined with a new set of imported images, The Panorama Factory batch processor can repeat the steps in the recipe to create new output images.

For more information about the Batch Processing module of The Panorama Factory, please refer to The Panorama Factory Help -- Batch processing.   For technical queries that are unanswered by the help page, contact

Revised: October 04, 2007

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