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For best results with The Panorama Factory, it is important to set up your camera properly.  Careful attention to camera setup will result in panoramas that stitch more easily and look better.

Some users have expressed concern about a perceived lack of sharpness in images produced by The Panorama Factory when compared to images from other panoramic stitchers.  This article concludes that the apparent lack of sharpness is due to the fact that the other panoramic stitching application automatically applies a sharpening filter whereas The Panorama Factory does not.

Some loss of sharpness is an unavoidable result of resampling an image.  When an image processing task has multiple steps, each subsequent image generation decreases the sharpness of the final result.  This paper describes a technique provided by The Panorama Factory for improving image quality by recalculating the final image in a single resampling generation.

When you look at the lens specification for a digital camera, you'll see all sorts of different things.  This article explains the focal length specifications for digital cameras and explains why you can't really compare focal lengths between different digital cameras.

Low contrast images and images that lack detail are particularly challenging for The Panorama Factory.  Images like these often require more manual adjustment than ones that are rich in high-contrast edges.  This article examines a particularly challenging set of images as a way to illustrate some potential difficulties with fine tuning and how to avoid them.

When taking pictures of certain types of subjects, there is a desire to tilt the camera up or down from the horizontal. Tilting the camera up or down from the horizontal produces images that have keystone distortion. A special type of lens called a perspective control lens (also commonly called a shift lens) can correct this keystoning by shifting the lens up or down with respect to the camera. A manual procedure is required to stitch images made with a perspective control lens.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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