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Trouble report 30

Adobe PhotoDeluxe can't read The Panorama Factory BMP files

Versions affected

V1.0 - V2.2.


When you use Adobe PhotoDeluxe to read a BMP file produced by The Panorama Factory it displays the following error message:

Could not open 'filename.bmp' because the file-format module cannot parse the file.

PhotoDeluxe apparently can read TIFF and JPEG files produced by The Panorama Factory.

This problem arises because The Panorama Factory stores BMP files with 32 bits per pixel but PhotoDeluxe can read BMP files only if they have 24 bits per pixel.


This problem is fixed in V2.3.  If you are running an earlier version of The Panorama Factory, you should save your image files as .tif or .jpg files using the Save current image as command (File menu).  See also the File Save Image As dialog box.


Fixed in V2.3.

The Panorama Factory now writes most BMP files with 24 bits per pixel.

NOTE: In V2.3 the *_warped_* files within The Panorama Factory projects are still written with 32 bits per pixel.  This is because the application must store additional information for the warped images.  So these image files still cannot be read by Adobe PhotoDeluxe.  However, all other images including images written with the  Save current image as command (File menu) are compatible with PhotoDeluxe.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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