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Trouble report 92

Abnormal termination at 10007183

Versions affected



Setting the offset of a fine tuning tile to a very large amount can cause The Panorama Factory to attempt to read outside one source image or the other. This sometimes shows an incorrect image inside the tile and sometimes causes abnormal termination of The Panorama Factory.

The termination can occur during automatic fine tuning or during manual fine tuning when a fine tuning tile is very close to the top or bottom of the image. With the automatic fine tuning in V2.3, it seems that this should only happen for swing-lens cameras, but it has also been reported with conventional cameras.

If you examine the Details>> on the panel showing the error message, you may see a message like the following:

Application error Pfactory.exe
Exception access violation (0xc0000005),
address 0x1000718d
PFACTORY caused an exception 10H
in module PFACTORY.EXE at 0157:10007183d00404e61

This trouble report covers errors where the last number in the message is 1000714B, 10007159, 10007167, 10007175, 10007183, 1000718D, 10007197 or 100071A.


If you experience this problem, the only workaround is to disable automatic fine tuning and then either skip fine tuning altogether or do it manually and avoid drawing fine tuning tiles near the top or bottom of the image.


Corrected in V2.4.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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