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Trouble report 91

Cannot control the displayed size of a QTVR image

Versions affected

V1.6, V2.0 - V2.4


The Panorama Factory does not provide direct control over the displayed size of a QTVR image. Editing the WIDTH= and HEIGHT= values of the quicktime embed tag in the HTML file does not work correctly to change the displayed size.

Increasing the size beyond 400x320 merely surrounds the image with whitespace. Reducing the size below 400x320 clips the viewer, and in doing so removes the QuickTime toolbar.

Changing displayed width or displayed height in Wizard Step 4 allows you to control the file size and resolution of the image file that is stored inside the MOV, not the displayed size of the image. By entering a smaller width or height, you get a smaller file. But this smaller file will also have lower-resolution which will cause the displayed image to have lower quality.


Adding "scale=tofit" to the HTML code corrects the problem. For example:

<embed src="" 
width="200" height="160" scale=tofit 
controller="true" bgcolor="ffffff"> 


Corrected in V3.0.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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