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Trouble report 68

Incorrect scrolling of images wider than 16384 pixels

Versions affected

V2.0 - V2.3


This problem appears to affect only certain computer systems, perhaps depending on the display adapter and/or display driver.

As described by two users:

  1. I stitched 20 1560x1046 images together and wound up with a 26052x1515 stitched image. I can edit the seams without any trouble, but the stitched image displays improperly on the screen; about two thirds of the way over from the left margin, the image suddenly jumps back and begins displaying the image from about the 30% point.. If I rescale the image downward, the discontinuity point moves further right until the image displays perfectly at a size of approximately 16200x942. The full-sized saved image is correct, so it appears to be a limit of the displayed image. It is a problem when trying to crop, since the right side of the image isn't visible.
  2. I stitched together 19 images of 1600x1200. The resulting images appears to stitch correctly. The final size is 23992x1150. When scolling (left to right) in the results screen where the "stitched", "cropped", and "final image". Scrolling past aprox pixel 16500 the image appears to "wrap" back to the begining and can not be viewed.




Corrected in V2.4.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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