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Trouble report 614

Installing V4.2 or V4.3 over newer version may not fully update the application

Versions affected

4.2 - 4.3


The installer fails to update the EXE and DLL files if you install an older version on top of a new version to roll back the version number.  It happens only for the certain install combinations.  All other combinations work properly.  The affected insall combinations are:

  1. Install V4.2 m32 or V4.3 m32 over a newer m32 version.


  1. Install V4.2 x64 or V4.3 x64 over a newer x64 version.

When you install one of these combinations, the EXE and DLL files are unchanged, but all other files are updated, including the help file, license file and splash image.  This means that the program identifies itself as the older version (V4.2 or V4.3), but the application program itself remains the newer version.

Once again, this only affects the install combinations listed above.  All other combinations work properly.


Remove The Panorama using The Panorama Factory Removal Tool before installing V4.2 or V4.3 over a newer version.  To preserve your Registration Key, we recommend you select these options when you run the Removal Tool:

1a. Partial removal with the intention to reinstall The Panorama Factory

2b. Remove Windows Registry entries, installer files, program shortcuts, application files and application folders

First choose:

3a. Search for items to be removed but do not actually remove them

With this option selected, clicking 4. Search gives you a preview of the changes the Removal Tool will make to your computer.

After you have examined the results of the search, choose:

3b. Really remove items

With this option selected, clicking 4. Remove will remove The Panorama Factory from your computer. After removal is complete, the older version will install correctly.


Corrected in the V4.4 setup files.  That is, rolling back to V4.4 (or later) will work properly.  Rolling back to V4.2 or V4.3 will continue to require the workaround.

Revised: January 30, 2008

 1999-2008 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait