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Trouble report 59

Opening a project when image files are missing

Versions affected



"When I opened a project from the "file" drop down menu, where the images had been previously deleted, I can't exit. The directory lists the non existent file name but neither choice lets me exit gracefully. Escape doesn't exit either. I kept fiddling and finally I tried to load the 12 images (which wern't there). Finally I had to use 'ctrl-alt-del'. "

It is possible to delete image files (.JPG, .BMP, .TIF, etc.) associated with a Panorama Factory project file (.PFP) without deleting the project file itself.  In this situation, the project file will still be listed in the recent files list (File menu).  The Panorama Factory allows you to try to open the project even though its images are no longer available.

This is to give you some chance of opening the project even if you have a few missing images.

Here's the reasoning.  If you have saved a project file and then delete (accidentally or on purpose) one of its image files or if you move an image file to a different location, The Panorama Factory still wants to give you the opportunity to open the project.  It asks you for an alternate location (to handle the case where you moved the image file).  It also allows you to cancel loading the image in which case it substitutes a grey rectangle for the missing image.

When you delete all images, you must cancel each and every image file before you can exit from the project.  This can be quite annoying.

It seems to make sense to be able to cancel completely rather than having to go through all the images first.


If you delete all the images associated with a project, delete the .PFP file too!   Then if you select the project from the recent files list, The Panorama Factory will just say it can't find the project file and will remove it from the files list.



Revised: April 28, 2004

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