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Trouble report 58

New images sometimes seem to overwrite old ones

Versions affected

V2.0 - V2.2.


Sometimes when you are working on a project using the Classic interface, new images you create using commands from the New image menu seem to overwrite existing images. The thumbnails display the correct image, but when you double-click the thumbnail it displays an incorrect image.

This problem happens only if:

  1. You have already saved the project,
  2. Automatic recovery is enabled on the Options dialog (Tools menu), and
  3. You create several new images of the same type (e.g. resized or enhanced) using commands from the New image menu.


If you experience this problem, don't despair.  Although it appears that your new images have replaced existing ones, your project file is still intact and still contains the recipes for creating all of the images from your imported images.

To recover the missing images, follow these steps:

  1. Save your project.  Don't worry that it seems that some images are missing.
  2. Disable automatic recovery on the Options dialog (Tools menu).
  3. Using the Windows file explorer, locate your Panorama Factory project.
  4. Remove the image files that have the same type as the missing images (e.g. resized or enhanced).
  5. Re-open the project in The Panorama Factory.

NOTE: Never remove imported image files.  The Panorama Factory uses these to recreate the new images from their recipes.


Corrected in V2.3

Revised: April 28, 2004

 1999-2005 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait