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Trouble report 56

V2.x may silently overwrite parts of projects created by V1.x

Versions affected

V2.0 - V2.1.


Because of the change in file extension from .PAN (V1.x) to .PFP (V2.x) it is possible to create two project files with the same name but different extensions. This can cause the new project to overwrite image files belonging to the old project.

For example, if you already have a project called Panorama1.PAN created by V1.x and then you use V2.x to create a new project named Panorama1.PFP, the image files for the new project will have names that are the same as the image files for the old project:


In this situation, V2.x will silently overwrite the old image files.


When you save a project for the first time, check to be sure there is not another project in the same directory with the same name but a different extension.


V2.2 detects this condition and gives you a chance to cancel or confirm the save operation.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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