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Trouble report 55

Running two copies of PF causes problems

Versions affected

V2.0 - V2.1.


Running two copies of The Panorama Factory at the same time can cause a variety of problems:

  1. If one copy is already working on a panorama when you start the second copy, the second one tries to recover the first panorama, as though it is an auto-recovery file.
  2. The two copies may assign the same default project names -- panorama1.pfp, panorama2.pfp, etc.
  3. Updates to profile values, global options and other default settings (e.g. Wizard settings) may not behave as expected.


Do not run two copies of The Panorama Factory at the same time.


V2.2 prevents two copies of The Panorama Factory from running at the same time.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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