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Trouble report 374

Abnormal termination at 0x69676443 or 0x6967644E

Versions affected

3.0 - 3.2


Initiating the stitching process by pressing the "Next>" button on Wizard Step 5 or using the "Stitch" or "Stitch 360" command results in an immediate abnormal termination on some computers.

This problem is caused by entering "0" for "Size" under "Correct brightness falloff" on the Camera properties dialog box.  When using the Wizard, this value is initially set to "0" and it is not possible to change the value before stitching.


This problem was corrected in V3.3.  If you have already purchased V3.0, V3.1 or V3.2, you may download and install the latest V3.x without without additional fees.


Corrected in V3.3.

Revised: June 24, 2004

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