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Trouble report 283

Partial panoramas do not work properly with IVR format

Versions affected



When a partial panorama (less than 360 degrees) is saved to IVR format, the image displays incorrectly. It is stretched horizontally, shows a right hand segment of the image at the left hand end of the view, and does not allow panning all the way to the right hand end of the image.


To correct the display of partial panoramas you must edit the .IVR file.  In this file, you will see a line something like:

yawRange 0 2.9204

To fix the problem, insert a new line above it, setting the hFov:

hFov     0 2.9204

This new line should have the same numbers as the yawRange line.


Corrected in V3.1

Revised: April 28, 2004

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