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Trouble report 273

Hotspots don't display properly in PTViewer

Versions affected



When you select the show hotspots button in PTViewer, the hotspots display at the wrong vertical position. The active areas of the hotspots are in the right place, but the hotspot display (Show hotspot) is in the wrong place.

This appears to be a viewer problem, not a problem in The Panorama Factory.  In other words, this problem seems to be caused by a bug in PTViewer 2.5.

Fortunately, there are two ways to work around this problem.


There are two workarounds for this problem. It seems that you can correct this problem using either one of the workarounds.

I have confirmed that each of these workarounds corrects the problem.

Workaround 1

There is a new version of PTViewer from Fulvio Senore that corrects this problem with hotspots.  You may download this version from:

Workaround 2

If you prefer to stay with PTViewer 2.5, you may correct the hotspot problem by selecting "Add top and bottom caps to saved image" on the PTViewer settings dialog box (from the Save image as dialog box).  When this option is selected, the hotspot display will coincide with the hotspot itself.

This workaround has two drawbacks: It increases the size of the image file and also allows the user to tilt above and below the vertical limits of the image. In some cases, the increased size of the image may cause out of memory errors in PTViewer.



Revised: April 28, 2004

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