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We offer two Panorama Factory products

The Panorama Factory V5 is an interactive application that includes all features of The Panorama Factory.  Most customers will be happy with the interactive application.

The Panorama Factory V5 with Batch Processing includes the interactive application and adds the Batch Processing module.  The Batch Processing module is designed for repetitive stitching when the stitching parameters do not change from one stitching project to the next.  Batch processing is normally needed only for high-volume panoramic production.


  The Panorama Factory V5 The Panorama Factory V5
with Batch Processing
Interactive stitching Wizard
Classic (menu-based) interface
Save project files

Save as QTVR, IVR, PTViewer, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP

Create web pages
Focal length detection
Correction for barrel distortion
Correction for brightness falloff
High-volume, repetitive stitching
Command-line stitching

The Batch Processing module is intended to automate situations where a person wants to make many panoramas using a standard setup.  For example, if someone wanted to make virtual reality tours of many real estate properties, she would probably use the same camera with the same setup and make the same number of photos for each virtual reality image.  The Batch Processing module would be able to convert all of the panoramas with very minimal human interaction.

For more detailed information about the Batch Processing module, refer to The Panorama Factory Help -- Batch processing.


Revised: February 20, 2011

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