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Trouble report 641

45-bit pixel selection is not honored if no pictures loaded

Versions affected



The Panorama Factory will not remember the status of the Use 45-bit pixels option (Project properties dialog box) unless images have been loaded. This makes it impossible to set a default of using 45-bit pixels.  When a new project is started, The Panorama Factory imports the project default settings but, because no pictures are loaded, discards the 45-bit pixel flag. Further, opening the project settings dialog and setting the flag manually will have no effect unless images have already been imported.

Once at least one image has been imported, the 45-bit pixel flag works as expected, and when choosing settings from a saved profile it's clear the 45-bit flag is being stored in the profile. However, enabling the 45-bit flag after images have been imported triggers a re-import of all the images, which is hardly optimal.

The reason that The Panorama Factory works this way is that it sets the 45-bit option based on the pixel size of the first imported image. Using the pixel size of the imported images is the right thing to do most of the time. But this approach means that the default settings are not honored.


To workaround this problem, import a single image before selecting the 45-bit pixel option.  Then import the remainder of your images.



Revised: February 22, 2007

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