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Trouble report 61

Full size image is bogus / corrupted main display

Versions affected



This problem appears to affect only certain computer systems, perhaps depending on the display adapter and/or display driver.

As described by two users:

  1. When I'm importing pictures (JPEG from my Nikon 990), the thumbnail looks okay but when I double click on it to display it full size, it looks completely bogus. I have the same problem after having done a stitching, thumbnails look good but full size (bottom part of the window) is bogus !
  2. The main image display in the lower window is corrupted. The smaller images and print preview all work but the large image is just a mass of jagged lines.


This problem is usually fixed by making a change to your computer's display or graphics configuration.

First, check to see if there is an updated display driver available for your display adapter from the manufacturer.  If this doesn't correct the problem, you can try adjusting the graphics performance setting.

1. Check display adapter version.

To find out what display adapter and driver software your computer has, right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties."  Then select the "Settings" tab and click the "Advanced" button.  This will tell you you the adapter and driver version.  You can usually find out if there is a newer version of the driver by visiting the adapter manufacturer's website.

2. Adjust the graphics performance settings.

Use the Windows Start menu (usually lower left corner of the screen) to run Settings->Control panel.

Then double-click the "System" icon.  Choose the "Performance" tab and then the "Graphics" button.

Adjust the "Hardware acceleration" slider to the "None" setting and select "OK" for Graphics and then "OK" for System properties.   You'll probably have to reboot to get the new settings to take effect.

If this corrects your graphics problem, you can try intermediate settings of the "Hardware acceleration" slider to see if there is a better setting that still corrects the problem.

3. Contact The Panorama Factory support.

If your problem remains uncorrected after trying both of the preceding suggestions, please contact



Revised: April 28, 2004

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