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Trouble report 53

Abnormal termination when readjusting overlap area

Versions affected



1) Stitch 9 1600x1200 images using wizard.

2) When both Quality and Enhance steps end, I readjusted the overlap area to remove some ghosting.

3) Program crashes during trimming.

4) Happens only with v2.1: I have v2.0 installed on my laptop, a less powerful machine, and haven't had these problems even when performing the same steps on the same panorama.




I have been unable to reproduce this problem.  If you experience this problem, I will need your help to track it down.  Please email with the particulars.

If possible, please include the information shown on the message box indicating the abnormal termination.  This message box may say something like:

PFACTORY caused an exception 10H in module PFACTORY.EXE at 0157:00404e61

The text in this message box is very useful.  Particularly the address after the "at."  Believe it or not, even the numbers in the Details>> are useful.

If you can capture the error with Dr Watson (see ) that's even better.

Revised: April 28, 2004

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