V5.0 release notes

1.      V5.0 is a major update with significant improvements to image quality and functionality.  For information about the differences between V4.x and V5.0, visit http://www.panoramafactory.com/whatsnew.html.

2.      V5 may be installed without uninstalling previous version (V1.x, V2.x, V3.x or V4.x).  By default, the setup will not replace previous versions.  If you wish to replace the previous version, you should uninstall the previous version after installing V5.

3.      If you are upgrading from V4 to V5, we recommend you install and run V5 before removing V4 from your computer.  This will permit V5 to access your V4 Registration Key for upgrade purposes.

4.      If you purchased V4.x on or after August 1, 2007, your V4 Registration Key will also be recognized by V5.  You do not need to purchase an upgrade from V4 to V5.

5.      If you wish, you may leave V1.x, V2.x, V3.x or V4.x installed on your computer after installing V5.  V5 can read project files written by previous versions, but the reverse is true only if you select the Store project files in V4.4 format checkbox on the Compatibility tab of the Options dialog box.  Once you save a project file with V5 format, you will no longer be able to open it in a previous release .   If you wish to be able to open an existing project with a previous release, you should open it and then save it with a different name before you open it with V5.

6.      The V5 update to the Slovak translation was not completed before release of The Panorama Factory V5.  Some commands and messages remain untranslated.  These commands and messages will be displayed in English.

7.      The Chinese (Simplified) translation included with The Panorama Factory V5 is incomplete.  Some commands and messages will be displayed in English.

8.      The Chinese language versions require the x64, m32 or Mac Edition.  Neither one is included with the Legacy Edition.

9.      QTVR import and export are not supported in The Panorama Factory x64 Edition. QTVR format is supported through the QuickTime DLLs that are included with Apple's QuickTime viewer. These DLLs are not available in 64-bit versions. Therefore it is not possible to export QTVR format directly from the x64 Edition. Fortunately, there is a workaround:

·         Stitch your panorama using the The Panorama Factory x64 Edition.

·         Save the final image as a TIFF or BMP file.

·         Before leaving The Panorama Factory, exit the Wizard, right-click the thumbnail for the cropped image and select the Panoramic properties command. Write down the VFOV values and note whether Spherical or Cylindrical is selected and note whether Vertically symmetric is selected. You'll need these settings later.

·         Exit the The Panorama Factory x64 Edition and start the m32 Edition (included with the x64 Edition).

·         Import the adjusted image back into The Panorama Factory with the Import command (File menu).

·         Right-click the image and choose the Panoramic properties command. Click This is a panoramic image and then enter the values you wrote down in the earlier step. The HFOV value will be computed automatically.

·         Double-click the thumbnail for the image and use the Save as command (File menu) to save the image in QTVR format.

·         Image Quality Note: When a panorama is saved to a cylindrical QTVR, the horizontal dimension of the image must be a multiple of 96. If it is not a multiple of 96, The Panorama Factory will resize it automatically. This resizing may affect image quality if it is done as an additional step (after importing into the m32 Edition). You can avoid this resizing by making sure the panorama you save after stitching has a width that is a multiple of 96 in the first place.

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