QTVR settings dialog box

The QTVR settings dialog box appears when you press the QTVR settings... button on the Save Image As dialog box.  It lets you control attributes of the QTVR image file. For more information see “QTVR image file format” in this chapter.

Image quality
The text field and its associated slider control the tradeoff between JPEG image file size and image quality.  Lower quality settings tend to reduce file sizes.

            NOTE: Extremely high quality settings may produce large files with minimal improvements in image quality.  In general, there may be diminishing returns for values higher than 75%.

Compression method
The QuickTime format provides a variety of image compression formats with different characteristics.  The Panorama Factory supports the following subset of the QuickTime image formats:


Viewer size
Sets the dimensions of the panoramic viewer object on the web page.  This is independent of the size of the image file itself.  If you want to permit some degree of zoom-in without loss of resolution, the image file should be larger than the viewer.

Automatic rotation
Controls automatic rotation of the image.  If you select automatic rotation, the rotation begins when the image loads and continues until the user touches the view with the mouse.  Please note that automatic rotation of QTVR panoramas is performed by Javascript in the web page.  The person viewing the web page must enable Javascript for automatic rotation to function. 

None — No automatic rotation.

Left — Rotate as though the person viewing the image was looking toward the left side of the image.

Right — Rotate as though the person viewing the image was looking toward the right side of the image.

Speed — Controls the speed of rotation in revolutions per minute.

 Color management
Controls color management for the QTVR images created by The Panorama Factory.  QTVR format does not support embedded color profiles.  These options contol whether a color space conversion is performed when you save QTVR files.  We recommend converting to the sRGB profile when saving QTVR files.

Do not convert when saving — Select this radio button to save the image without color space conversion.

Convert to specified color profile when saving — Select this radio button to convert the image to a specific color profile.

Profile — Controls the color profile to use.

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