PTViewer settings dialog box

The PTViewer settings dialog box appears when you press the PTViewer settings... button on the Save Image As dialog box.  It lets you control attributes of the JPEG image file associated with the PTViewer panorama. For more information see “PTViewer image file format” in this chapter.

Image quality
The text field and its associated slider control the tradeoff between JPEG image file size and image quality.  Lower quality settings tend to reduce file sizes.

            NOTE: Extremely high quality settings may produce large files with minimal improvements in image quality.  In general, there may be diminishing returns for values higher than 75%.

Viewer size
Sets the dimensions of the panoramic viewer object on the web page.  This is independent of the size of the image file itself.  If you want to permit some degree of zoom-in without loss of resolution, the image file should be larger than the viewer.

PTViewer version
Shows the version of PTViewer installed in The Panorama Factory’s application folder if it is possible to determine the version.  Different versions of PTViewer have different capabilities, so it is important to specify the version that you are using.  If you want to generate HTML code for a different version, you can select its version from this drop down list.  At the time this manual was written, The Panorama Factory was aware of three versions: 2.5, 2.7L2 and 2.8.  It is possible that additional versions may be added in the future.

Automatic rotation
Controls automatic rotation of the image.  If you select automatic rotation, the rotation begins when the image loads and continues until the user touches the view with the mouse.

None — No automatic rotation.

Left — Rotate as though the person viewing the image was looking toward the left side of the image.

Right — Rotate as though the person viewing the image was looking toward the right side of the image.

Speed — Controls the speed of rotation.  For PTViewer version 2.7L2 and version 2.8, the speed of rotation can be controlled in revolutions per minute.  However, for earlier versions the speed is controlled in degrees of rotation per display frame.  The frame rate depends upon the speed of the computer, so it is not possible to determine the actual rotation rate.

Rate — Controls the display rate in frames per second.  This option is available only for PTViewer version 2.7L2 and version 2.8.  For earlier versions it is not possible to control the display rate.

Add top and bottom caps to saved image
Select this checkbox to add top and bottom caps to the saved image.  Top and bottom caps allow the user to look up to the zenith (north pole) and down to the nadir (south pole) even if the vertical field of view is less than 180 degrees.

            The top and bottom caps may be set to a color or to an image.

Settings... — Runs the Top and bottom caps dialog box to control the color and image used for the top and bottom caps.






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