Alignment properties dialog box

You use the Alignment properties dialog box to set the constraints on the alignment portion of the panoramic stitching process. The default values in this dialog box will work for most panoramas. You should rarely (if ever) need to modify these values.

Min overlap
The minimum overlap: in percent of image width.

You may need to increase this value if the overlaps in your stitched images are consistently too narrow.  For example, if your individual frames typically overlap 25%, setting the minimum overlap to 20% will eliminate solutions with very narrow overlaps.

Max overlap
The maximum overlap in percent of image width.

Max offset
The maximum vertical offset in percent of image height.

Center weighted alignment:
Select this checkbox to make the centers of the images (in the vertical direction) more significant during image alignment. Selecting this checkbox may increase ghosting when the image contains significantly less image detail above or below its middle. For example, images with cloudless blue sky have very little image detail above the horizon.

Low res size
The minimum dimensions (in pixels) of the reduced-resolution images used during alignment.

Search range
The maximum image shift (in pixels) while testing alignments at intermediate image resolutions.

Load settings from profile:
Select a profile from this dropdown list to load all settings that apply to the current tool dialog box.

Save settings to a profile...
Select this button to activate the
Save settings to a profile dialog box.   You can save the current settings to an existing profile or create a new profile to hold the settings.

To learn more, see the Profile organizer dialog box and the Save settings to a profile dialog box in Chapter 14, “Dialog boxes.”

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