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Submitting photos

Submitting photos to the user's gallery

The User's gallery at The Panorama Factory website is open to all users of The Panorama Factory.  Its purpose is to show the range of uses to which the application can be put and to give users a chance to showcase their work.  Pictures that do not meet submission guidelines will be removed by the moderator.

Submission guidelines

  1. The picture must be produced with The Panorama Factory and it must be your own work.  You'll be asked to confirm this when you submit your picture.
  2. The image width (or height for vertical panoramas) should be no larger than 1600 pixels and the file size should be no larger than 110K (use 100K as a goal).  See also What happens if I submit a larger file?.
  3. If the gallery becomes too full, the moderator may need to remove older images or limit the number of pictures each user can have.
  4. You must be registered with the gallery to upload pictures.  Note: Gallery registration is free.  It is not the same as registering your copy of The Panorama Factory.

    The registration process requires you to enter a valid email address.  Your email address will be kept private and will not be shown in the gallery.  We will not use your email address for any purpose other than to send gallery notifications.

STEP 1. Register with the gallery.
Login to the gallery
STEP 3. Add photos to the gallery.


Terms of service

Copyrights.  All images submitted to the gallery remain the property of the photographer.  You do not surrender your copyrights by submitting your pictures to the gallery.

Submit your own work.  Do not submit images created by others.  By submitting a picture, you declare that you own the copyrights to the image.

Panorama Factory only.  This gallery is for display of images created with The Panorama Factory.  Please do not submit non-panoramas or panoramas created with competing software products.

Liability.  You are responsible for all content you upload.  You accept all liability for legality of your uploaded content and agree to hold Smoky City Design harmless for any damages that may result.

Public gallery.  The Panorama Factory User's Gallery is a public web gallery.  Do not submit images that you wish to keep private.

Album organization.  You may  upload to any album other than the Author's Gallery.  However, from time to time we may reorganize the gallery or simply move photos to more appropriate albums.  If you upload something of questionable legality or taste we may remove it without notice.  We reserve the right to make these decisions based upon our own judgment.

No guarantee of permanence.  Do not use The Panorama Factory User's Gallery as a primary or backup storage service.  We use a reputable web hosting service that performs regular file backups.  However, in no event will Smoky City Design be held responsible for intentional or unintentional data loss.  In the event that the gallery grows to the point that we approach the disk space limitations imposed by our web host, we may remove images without notice.


Questions and answers


Where do I send the panorama?

Please do not send your panorama via email.  Effective October, 2004, you can add your pictures to the gallery using an online form. 

STEP 1. Register with the gallery.
Login to the gallery
STEP 3. Add photos to the gallery.


What additional information should I include?

When you upload your picture, you'll be asked to enter this information into an online form:

Title - The title of your picture.  This will be shown beneath your picture and in the title bar.

Description - Description of your picture.  You might want to include some of this information:

  1. Version of The Panorama Factory used.
  2. Number of photos stitched together.
  3. Angular coverage (360, 180, etc.).
  4. Type of camera used.
  5. Type of scanner used (if applicable).
  6. Type of film used (if applicable).
  7. Focal length.
  8. Exposure details.
  9. Your email address and/or web link if you want the possibility of being contacted outside the gallery.

If you want to include a clickable web link, enter it like this:
<a href=""></a>

If you want to include a clickable email link, enter it like this:
<a href=""></a>

Remember that publishing an email address on a web page invites spam!

Copyright - Your name after the © symbol.  This will be shown beneath your picture.


How long will it take and how will I know it's there?

Gallery submissions are now automated!  Your picture will appear in the gallery immediately after your successful upload.


Why the 100K limit?

The web hosting plan we use puts limits on disk usage.  We have to pay a huge additional monthly fee if we go over the limit.  By limiting the image size to 100K we can accept more user submissions before running out of space.  Limiting image size also improves download performance for visitors with slower internet connections.


What happens if I submit a larger file?

If you submit a photo that is wider or taller than 1600 pixels, it will be automatically resized to 1600 pixels. If you submit a file that is larger than than 110K, JPEG compression will be used to reduce the file size.

An intermediate image (800 pixels) is also created automatically.  JPEG compression will be used, if necessary, to ensure that this image is no larger than 50K.  Finally, a thumbnail image will be created for the index page.

If you don't want your photo to be resized automatically, just make sure that the image you submit is 1600 pixels or less and below 110K.


How can I resize my panorama myself?

To resize your panorama to be about 100K, select the Automatically resize option on the Save image as dialog box and enter 110K into the text field.  The Panorama Factory will resize your image to a smaller size if necessary to achieve the requested size.  The resulting image file may be somewhat smaller than the requested size.


What should I submit for a VR image?

The Panorama Factory User's Gallery currently accepts only JPG and QuickTime MOV (QTVR) files.  So to submit a VR image you must save it as a QTVR file.

NOTE: The gallery web software cannot resize QTVR files.  Be sure to reduce the size of your QTVR file below 200K before uploading to avoid having them removed (see Why the 100K limit?).



Revised: April 05, 2007

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